Kerasoft Thin/ IC


KeraSoft IC Features


KeraSoft IC is an innovative soft lens that offers your patients significant benefits:


  • Customizable for exact patient needs
  • Excellent comfort due to the high water content silicone hydrogel and hydrogel materials


Unlike other soft contact lens designs for irregular corneas, the patented design of KeraSoft IC offers:


  • More oxygen compared to traditional hydrogel lenses
  • Thinner overall balanced thickness
  • Uses relatively flat base curves
  • Front surface aberration control optics
  • Modifiable full periphery – steep or flat
  • Two sectors of independently modifiable periphery


The patented design offers balanced overall thickness with spherical aberration control and two sectors of independently modifiable periphery — making it able to conform to the shape of any cornea.

Fitting Set


KeraSoft IC is fitted using an 8 lens Fitting Set.

There are 6 STD (Standard) periphery lenses ranging from 7.80 to 8.80 mm base curves

1 × 8.20: FLT2 periphery lens (nipple cones)


Lens Design


Front surface asphere/aspheric toric

Large back optic diameter to allow full drapage




Full Periphery Options


The entire periphery can be steepened or flattened independently of the overall base curve.

Available peripheries:





Sector Management Control (SMC)

Additionally, up to two sectors of the periphery can be modified independently of each other (Sector Management Control or SMC).

Ideal for Pellucid Marginal Degeneration where flattening is required in the superior portion and steepening in the inferior.

Tekniske data:

Speciallinser (Keratokonus)