Saltvand på Flaske


Tekniske data:

Technical data:

It is a sterile, isotonic and buffered pH solution.

To rinse, hydrate and preserve all types of contact lenses. It is also used for weekly enzymatic
cleaning with Avizor enzyme.

It is a very useful supplementary solution for users of all types of contact lenses as it eliminates, for example, any dust particles.

The saline solution in multidose and unidose preservative-free format.

2 ways to carry them with you.

Thanks to its PH and osmolarity similar to natural tears, AVIZOR saline solution is ideal for rinsing and hydrating all types of contact lenses. It also provides extra comfort when inserting contact lenses.

The solution in multidose contains preservatives and therefore can be used for storing contact lenses and is ideal for dissolving enzymatic tablets.

The buffered solution in the practical unidose format does not contain preservatives and is recommended for lens and ocular rinsing for lens users and non-lens users.

Packaging Formats

350 ml • Box of 24 Units Uni dose 30 x 5 ml