Extreme H20 59 Xtra

Extreme H2O 59 A Problem Solving Lens for Patients Who Experience Dryness and Discomfort Extreme H2O 59 retains 99% of its water content on the eye, even under extreme conditions. All lens dimensions and oxygen permeability present in the first hour of wear will be present in the last. Lens comfort, movement and fit will be stable throughout the day. •Ultra stable copolymer provides exceptional on-eye stability throughout the wearing period •Lenses do not shrink, tighten, or change shape on the eye •Crisp, clear vision is provided throughout the entire wearing period •Non-ionic material resists deposits, keeping lenses clear and free of unhealthy protein deposits

Tekniske data:

Extreme H2O 59 Product Specifications

Material / Handling Tint 41% hioxifilcon A, 59% water / light blue handling tint
Polymer Type GMA / HEMA copolymer, group 2, high water, non-ionic
Oxygen Permeability 28 dk (fatt units @ 35c)
Packaging Blister Pack - 6 per box

Diameter 14.2

Center Thickness 0.145 mm @ -3.00
Base Curve / Powers
Median (8.6) / -0.25 to -8.00 and +0.25 to +6.00
0.50D steps above -6.00 and +4,00