FINE D Spheric



Monthly replacement lens with gentle edgeprofile


from bio-hydrogel for comfortable daily wear.



Fine D spheric


• For dry eyes

• For dry climatic conditions

• For lipid-laden tear films

 Ideal for screen-based work



Back surface: • Bi-curved spheric

With aspheric quality edge profile

Front surface: • Spheric front optical zone (FOZ) with lenticular

transition zone to CL edge

• Discreet stabilising ring in transition zone from

FOZ to CL edge enables optimal handling with

slight central thickness





FINE toric


• Analogous to FINE compatic spheric

 For stable vision with astigmatism



Back surface: • Bi-curved back surface toric

with aspheric quality edge profile

Front surface: • Dynamic symmetrical stabilisation

• Optical zone free from prismatic side effects

• Double slab off

• Slight thickness profile

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