Extreme H20 54 14.2

Extreme H2O 54 The best comfort is a combination of the right material and the right fit. We are the only manufacturer to offer a "lens fitting system" geared toward your patients' specific needs. Two diameter options allow you to use your expertise and not only provide patients with an outstanding material, but with the right size lens ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Tekniske data:

Material / Handling Tint 46% hioxifilcon D, 54% water / light blue handling tint
Polymer Type GMA / HEMA copolymer, group 2, high water, non-ionic
Oxygen Permeability 21 dk (fatt units @ 35c)
Packaging Blister Pack - 6 per box

Diameter 14.2
Center Thickness
0.081 mm @ -3.00
Base Curve Median 8.6
Powers -8,00 to +6,00
0.50D steps after -6.00 and +4,00